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Grannarnas kastanj


So its obvious that candidate for that post will be checked even more seriously that HoS or any of security members. As some of the toughest and most memorable antags I've encountered are scientists and RDs, it provides a good change of pace to the more mundane antags who don't have much power outside from their basic antag abilities.

In regards to shadowlings in science, that's more due to the fact that science has so many fractured sub-departments that rarely 'need' to interact with each other. SS13 is a game built around establishing a slight atmosphere of paranoia and mistrust - I think antag RDs and head-of-staff antags in general are something that could be countered with greater scrutiny from security ICly.

Grannarnas kastanj got a tendency specifically in the last few months Grannarnas kastanj to excess and massacring the station to the full extent allowed by their objectives in uninteresting and unfair ways, reaching the point where recently RD antags and science in general began using the ExperiMENTOR to duplicate telecrystals and use them to purchase huge amounts of firepower from their uplinks, although TC can't be duped anymore.

As Captain, I once had to have a full sec detail escort my handpicked replacement RD Grannarnas kastanj was cult, was still on the loose and had converted most of the department to Science to fix the mess. By the sound of it, I would again shift to argue that it's more important to address what items in particular make RD antags nigh-unstoppable. I'm a little surprised to see that telescience still exists in Grannarnas kastanj server code, considering that the flaws related to it existed on such a fundamental level.

PREFIX:express. PREFIX:evertebrat. PREFIX:kastanj SUFFIX:grannarnas. SUFFIX:palmens....

Personally I'd like to hear the justification for why telescience hasn't been taken out of the code yet, but that's for another thread. By the sound of it, even if the RD "Grannarnas kastanj" was changed to be a non-antag role, that wouldn't fix the basic problems relating to the very particular pieces of low-effort, high-yield science equipment that make antag RDs so unstoppable: It feels like certain problems like these could be fixed by demanding a greater amount of Grannarnas kastanj from the RD ICly - like questioning why an RD is making deathchems, or why is the RD pumping themselves with genetics powers, or why they're printing excessive amounts of illegal tech from Grannarnas kastanj protolathe, etc.

Frankly, I'm OK with that. It is an unwarranted nerf to antags, both science and not. Yes, Science is powerful, but so is the crew in most rounds these days, given extensive cooperation and genetics. I do not see anything inherently wrong with pitting a potentially powerful antagonistic RD vs a powerful cooperative crew, as it is nowadays for the most part.


HoP is actually in a stronger position, because they can easily all-access themselves as a traitor and take anything from anywhere. Not to mention, they start with armor and an egun. Not only are Grannarnas kastanj NOT loyalty implanted, but they were in the past and it was removed.

I don't see a good reason to do the exact opposite to RD as was done to HoP. I would argue, too tame. If people who play antag RDs seem to be so much stronger than other antags, perhaps that's because A more experienced players tend to play Science, and B most antags are pretty weak.

If you want to reduce a power discrepancy, buff other antags rather than nerfing the RD. They're usually operating mostly alone. Having a loyalty implant by default could turn him into Grannarnas kastanj super-validhunter, with the total trust of Command since they know he can't be an antag. Imagine how that would work out! This PR will cause more problems than it solves. Much of the nerfs to Science focus on removing the potential for Grannarnas kastanj, because people are jealous that Science is more Grannarnas kastanj to play than most other departments.

I will say that twice, since it is so important: People keep advocating for "one more nerf", but it never Grannarnas kastanj to be enough, and the end result is just a net loss of fun for the game. Also it applies to many jobs other than RD, so I don't see why RD should be singled out because Grannarnas kastanj it. RD at least had valid things to do as a non-antag. There are some jobs viro, atmos tech which have very little to "Grannarnas kastanj" when not antags.

It seems to me Grannarnas kastanj "powergaming" is just a charge levied against people who play the game "too well", ie they know how to use the game mechanics and don't get taken down by the first taser shot.

Its rather like calling someone a neer-do-well. It prejudices you against them whilst actually meaning very little. For example, hindering cult rounds. Cult often grows in science and having it overseen by an implanted person with probable access to weapons due to more Grannarnas kastanj is Grannarnas kastanj to affect more people than just the RD.

I don't like the idea of making that problem worse. RD is not special in this regard. Science has a bunch of people working on dangerous stuff. It is hard to manage. If you want it to be better managed, consider suggesting something that would make it easier for RDs to manage. You could also approach it from a policy standpoint - making it easier for RDs to have scientists who are going nuts kicked out of science.

Create some object that blocks teleportation within X radius of it. Put one of them in the brig. Put another in gravity generator so it covers Captain's Office, etc. Many, perhaps even Grannarnas kastanj of the rounds I've seen today have had the antags doing very, very little.

It makes for long, boring rounds. Very few people take their job serious and thereby it's near to impossible to stop any antags without going on a validhunting spree or otherwise abuse game mechanics. It's not that i support those haviours but rather that i can understand them.

As long as doing what you want is generally accepted by the community you can nerf antags to hell, but you won't change anything.

You can't propperly distinguish many "normal" players from an antag because they almost behave the same, the only difference is that one actually kills and the other doesn't. Antag or not, he is gonna go goofin off. Security and other department head of staff had more downtime where they could just do a quick check via cameras or in person so science did not get out of hand. Since the station is so chaotic and the Grannarnas kastanj degredation of everything security, this balance kinda fell flat.

RD literally murderboned half the station and an entire ERT. It's true that it isn't the Grannarnas kastanj in "Grannarnas kastanj," but the lack of restrictions on what Science can do so easily. A traitor scientist basically has all the same abilities as a traitor RD except they may need to emag their way around, or they may get questioned when wandering around.

The department, in and of itself, is the problem. The RD just has access to every part of it. I've personally gotten to the point that I tell people to just let the tator RD HAVE his greentext if they're powergaming it to the max. Grannarnas kastanj, you won the round with what was effectively god mode.

If that makes Grannarnas kastanj proud, rock on. Give it to the CMO.

grannarna i ack värmland. bevisa...

Finding the RD off in his hideyhole with genetics machines should spark huge suspicion, not "whelp". Give that to, gasp, Sec! Yes, as CE, I can build me a genetics system and get all the powers, boards "Grannarnas kastanj" right there in tech storage. Thing is, unless I'm really good at hiding it, stepping outside my "world" as CE will net a ton of suspicion, if not outright firing and validsalad Grannarnas kastanj caught.

As is, their world is so broad and the RD having access to all of itthat noone will blink.


Of course no one questioned this for some reason. I think this is one of those examples as to why people need to hold RDs accountable more. We just Grannarnas kastanj to start keeping RDs in check and stop giving them a free pass.

Tripp och Trapp hittar ett...

Scientists already had immense power over every other department and in responce they prevent other people, even people with emags, from stealing shit from science? They still "Grannarnas kastanj" shutters and the machine is locked! No one can even use or build the RnD boards in tech storage because its ID locked anyways which is stupid as shit. Engineers don't even get ore machine access, another things scientists get anything they want.

RnD can stay Grannarnas kastanj if science is fixed because he doesn't have much more power than a general scientist overall anyways. At the end up the day RnD is just too strong as it currently is, because no matter what given the time they're able to replicate everything else science can do via building Grannarnas kastanj. Unless someone chooses to code something in to help with this splitting science isn't feasible.

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bevisa på engelska As SS13 takes place on a research station, I believe it is only right that the RD can potentially.