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Before you buy your ticket, please read the info about the party and the vouchers. Saturdays most weeks — see the dates in a list format here: Budapest Bath Party Dates or use the Calendar on the left side of this page in the booking form. The pool party is on Saturdays most Saturdays throughout the year, with some exceptions. Booking Party Tickets Accommodation: Enjoy the party on Saturdays in !

Do not miss the pool party, get your tickets now while you can. Online tickets include the party entry and the use a locker. Please use our booking calendar on the left side of the page, or visit the Booking Bath Party Tickets page. By buying the tickets you accept the Party Terms.

Pick a date, and follow the link of the specific party date that appears in the form, after you have chosen your party date. You will make a reservation via the online payment system paylogic.

You do not need to submit the form, just click on the link that will lead you to the payment page. Day time bath entries will not entitle you to visit the party, and party tickets will not entitle you to make a bath visit during the regular opening hours 6 am — 10 pm.

If you want to make a day time visit, please buy your online bath entry separately: Non Party Entry to Szechenyi Baths. Inclusions of the party ticket are enlisted on the payment page.

Group discount tickets are available from Mar 04, If you have a party of 10 or more people, you will get 1 free ticket after every batch of 10 tickets. Group Premium Fast Track: The location of the spa bath parties in Budapest alternate by the seasons. See our general seasonal bath party guide for details:. Summer Bath Party Location: Fall Bath Party Location: A short walk from Margaret Bridge on the Buda side. The venue may be in Szechenyi Baths if weather allows, please check before the party date!

Winter Bath Party Location: Spring Bath Party Location: Frequently asked questions about the bath parties in Budapest. What is the minimum and maximum age to take part in the bath party? The nocturnal VJ Szecska bath parties are absolutely cool, fun and unforgettable. Even though there is no age limit set, the general party crowd is about 20 — 40 years old, mostly somethings enjoying themselves.

The spa party music is mostly triphop, funk, psychedelic Extremt parti ater populart, so if like this sort of music and can enjoy the spa bath parties continuously re-painted with colorful laser beams, it is your chance to come and enjoy something unique. A must see in Budapest, Hungary. Can I use the whole bath complex during the spa party?

No, only the outdoor pools are open, the indoor thermal pools, saunas, plunge pools, octagonal pools, massage therapies, etc. Indeed they close each day at 7pm in Szechenyi Baths and at 8 pm in Lukacs Baths. Your party ticket is only valid from after If you wish to buy a day time bath entry, you can do so in a separate purchase day time bath entries bought online automatically include a fast track entry, unlike the party tickets.

The minimum age is 18 years old to enter the party. Nudity is not tolerated at the party, swimwear or beach wear is a must. Flip flops are recommended. Some fool around with beach toys, which is mostly not frowned upon. Anti social behavior, harassment Extremt parti ater populart not be tolerated. Please behave in a decent manner you would expect at your own Extremt parti ater populart party where you own the house. Anti social party goers will be removed from the party.

During the party only foods and drinks Extremt parti ater populart on the premises are allowed to be consumed. Please do not bring your own foods, drinks. They will be confiscated. Strict rules they are. Party tickets include a basic health insurance. Please leave behind any objects that pose a safety hazard, such as fragile objects including items made of glasssharp-edged objects knivesor unhealthy items drugs. To take photos or videos you will need a special permit.

Special permit is usually given to media people, professional photographers, videographers. Ordinary photo shoots are not permitted, sorry. On the other hand, there are photos and videos taken at the event, which may also feature you. By entering, you accepted that you may not claim any rights to these footage. Jumping in the pool is not allowed. It is a shallow warm pool anyway, and you do not want to hurt yourself or your fellow party goers. Dancing on the other hand is allowed and is fun.

The organizers of the party do not take responsibility for lost items. Please do not bring your valuables to the baths. For lost property issues, please contact szechenyi Extremt parti ater populart. Please note that unused tickets are non-refundable. Damaged tickets missing any of the two sides, or torn will not guarantee entrance. The party is on in all weather conditions rain, snow, heatexcept in super extreme weather conditions.

You will need to comply with general health, safety and security rules. Please leave behind any objects that pose a safety hazard, such as fragile objects including items made of glasssharp-edged objects knivesor unhealthy items drugs PHOTOS: Unused tickets will not be refunded.

Damaged tickets may or may not guarantee entry to the party.

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Changing the date of tickets may only take place in due time before the party date with the consent of the party organizers. Please contact the customer service of Paylogic to Extremt parti ater populart your party date fixed. Last minute changes are usually not allowed as there is no time to process a request in due time.

Once payment is made online you will have to print out the digital voucher. Only printed tickets are accepted. If you buy several tickets, you will need to print them all. Please bring your ID with your tickets. If tickets remain you may try to buy them at the entrance of the baths at the same price as online. The balance of the card expires at the end of the party. Please do not forget to claim your card refund of the remaining balance at the end of the party until 2. This also means that should you attend Extremt parti ater populart bath party, the balance of the previous party is non-transferable.

The minimum top of the card is HUF 6, The card goes with a string. This looks like a silicon wristwatch with a blank watch face. If you lost the wristband, you will pay a fine of HUF 2, If you receive and error code upon buying your party ticket on paylogic, please contact the customer service of paylogic.

Typically an error code occurs if there is a multiple attempt at buying a ticket, which makes the system trigger an alert for a robot attack. Try to go through the payment process without multiple attempts to avoid the red flag.

The insurance is for minor injuries, theft. But if you happen to arrive later on than the party begins, available places may run out. After getting changed, you may hand in your plastic bag to the party personnel who will safeguard your bag. Laki, the executive director is Gyorgy Klinko.

Szechenyi Baths Parties in Budapest, Hungary: The summer Cinetrip party date is "Extremt parti ater populart" fixed yet in Szechenyi Baths. Szechenyi Baths steam clouded hot spring pools are the special place to be on Dec 30 in — the date is official, tickets are already available for purchase, and we are quite confident that will find us in the pools! The party will very likely be on Dec 30 not on Dec 31 this year too. Extremt parti ater populart it as a pre NYE party of the year!

Buy your ticket online as early as you can! The spectacular Cinetrip Pool Party in August is always a greatest hit in the summer as it is even more spectacular than the regular weekly bath parties! If you want a successful summer event with the fun, extreme water slides, make your reservations To reserve for your next party or event, call () The most popular thermal bath in Budapest, Szechenyi Spa & Baths is . These superb effects can be seen at Water Circus Spa Parties / Cinetrip parties at.

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