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Ishockey aik har chansen kvar


Dagens chatt med Bill Sweatt start kl Bill Sweatt Hey there Henke, it's because I played in college on a big rink.

Han är 25 år, spelar...

Some say it's the biggest rink in North America. Also, the teams we played against also had big rinks so that made my Learning curve a Little quicker than most. Bill Sweatt I Think the best thing so far has been the hockey experience in general.

I think the fans are great and it makes playing in the games that much more fun with the crowd going crazy. Bill Sweatt I have not yet been talking about the prospects of next year with anyone in the organization yet. I would not mind at all coming back if people want me to stay. However, right now I am more concerned with helping the team win and making playoffs and trying to win Another SM Guld.

D Bill Sweatt I cut into the net everytime because that is one of the things I do well and its the only way to score. You cannot just play on the outside. At some Point you have to get in tight on the goal. You lost a lead last Leksand game at home and played terrible last game in Leksand. What went through your minds yesterday entering the arena and during the game? It was sadly bad marketing in front of a sold out crowd.

Bill Sweatt Leksand is a tough team to play against and we did not start the game well last night. If we would have played the first period like the last two periods I think the outcome would have been very different.

But we will try and make sure that next game against Leksand we come away with a victory. Bill Sweatt Andreas Thuresson spends the most time in the mirror styling his hair, but I think the one who cares the most about what they Ishockey aik har chansen kvar and dress is my roomie Ryan Gunderson. I think we do not have any guy who is a complete standout and superstar.

Everyone on our team is a great player and is very good at their own respective roles. I think that's what makes us a good team because we have so much depth and so many guys that can score and make things happen.

Emmy When did you start playing hockey? Ishockey aik har chansen kvar wait to see you and the guys on saturday! Bill Sweatt I started playing hockey when I was 5 years old.

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I cannot wait for you to come Watch us play Emmy. Bill Sweatt I appreciate the compliment. But, I have loved spending time in both Gavle and Sweden. Its been a tremendous experience from a hockey standpoint as well as a living experience. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to experience different Cultures and interact with new people and things.

What team have best fans in SHL?

Hemmalaget tog täten i finaljakten

So you can decide which one. Hur trivs du i Sverige? Bill Sweatt I think the toughest teams are Skelleftea and Lulea.

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Both teams are very solid from their defnese to their offense. We have to be on top of our game if we are going to beat them. Its like additional schooling after you complete college with a concentration in business.

That keeps me busy for the most part. But when I am not doing class I am watching a lot of TV. I've heard that you've played roller hockey for team USA. And do you still play in the summers? The first year we won bronze and the second year we won gold. It was a lot of fun. I still play Roller Hockey from time to time, but definitely not as much as I used to. I wish I could because it is so much fun. Bill Sweatt I think if we come out ready to go and execute our game plan we have a good chance of winning tomorrow.

Martin Johansson hey bill, who do you think is as a comedian in the team? Bill Sweatt I do not know about comedian but the biggest prankster on the team is Granis.

Bill Sweatt Thank you for your compliment. I think I need to develop my scoring touch more as well as to continue to get better in our defensive zone. Those two areas are key. What flex and curve do you have on your stick? Bill Sweatt I used an 80 flex and the curve is what's known as a Kreps curve. Simon B How fast are you at meters flat running. When were the last time you met a hockeyplayer that was faster than you are?

Bill Sweatt I do not know how fast I am at a m, but I am not a good runner at all. Lot of people think that I would be as good of a runner as I am skater, but that is simply not correct. There was a teammate I played with the last two years, Nathan Longpre, and he is really really fast. He is probably faster than me in a straight line. Do you know Patrick Kane in Chicago Blackhawks? We played on the NTDP team together and he was the leading scorer and I was second, but he had 35 more Points than me.

And I think he was one of the main reasons Micke ended up offering me a contract. But Anton told me it was a great Town and a great team and that I would love to play here, so that's why I came here. Bill Sweatt Yes, my wife is living here with me in Gavle and she likes it here a lot. She already was friends with Anton's girlfriend and has Ishockey aik har chansen kvar friends with the other girlfriends on the team.

She likes living here a lot. What do you think about new goalkeeper Bernad Starkbaum? Ishockey aik har chansen kvar Sweatt He has played unreal for us. He is solid and consistent every game and he is probably one of the hardest goalies to score on on a penalty shot. How good are you in swedish?

Bill Sweatt Haha I am not very good at all. I give it an honest try to learn Words here and there, but I do get laughed at by some of the guys on the team. But I will keep trying. Do you play any type of video games, or games on your cell? I play NHL 14 a lot and am pretty good at that game. When I was in college my buddy and Ishockey aik har chansen kvar played NHL 09 so much and got so good that we were ranked number 4 in the entire World.

Bill Sweatt I like the food here a lot. I think its because the US steals food from every other country that I am already used to some of the dishes here in Sweden.

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The Swedish meatballs are obviously great. And one thing that I have tried here that I love is the blueberry soppa. GE Is there any part of the game you'd like to play more in?

Power Play, Boxplay etc? Bill Sweatt I like to play in every part of the game that the coaches will put me in. For any player, the Ishockey aik har chansen kvar important thing to them is to play and help the team win in any situation they are put in.

Renman How do you prepare for a game? Like, what's your favorite thing to eat? Bill Sweatt I usually either skate in the morning or have a long stretch.

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Then we eat pregame meal and then afterward I go home and relax for a while, then take a nap. When I get to the rink I like to just relax and sit on the couch and talk with some of the guys or Watch TV.

The AHL has more hitting and definitely more fighting, but they are very different Leagues. I personally think that overall the SHL is a tougher, more challenging League. Olof what kind of music are you into? Bill Sweatt I listen to a lot of different stuff depending on my mood. But I can also listen to rap. My favorite rapper is Eminem. Bill Sweatt I would tell you to not be nervous. We have a very Deep and talented team. Also, we have a bunch of guys that are now coming back from injuries and are going to be fresh guys in the lineup.

We have battled through a Ishockey aik har chansen kvar of adversity and still have managed to win a lot of games even with a lot of injuries. MODO Hockey kan idag meddela att man skrivit kontrakt med backen Albin Carlson när sedan A-laget hade skador så fick jag chansen, säger Albin och fortsätter: och jag blev oerhört glad när jag fick veta att MODO Hockey ville ha mig kvar.

Victor med MODO Hockey som moderklubb har en stark säsong i J20 bakom. ISHOCKEY: Värvar anfallare Dessutom kommer ett antal juniorer lyftas upp och få chansen att spela till sig Ishockey aik har chansen kvar A-lagskontrakt. Sedan rullar försäsongen på och Tibro IK har ett flertal träningsmatcher inplanerade. Det råder i det närmaste kaos inom svensk ishockey då SHL, Nu har hockeyettan, som HC Dalen tillhör, skickat ut ett investera i hela föreningen så att du kan fortsätta finnas kvar.

HC Dalen ger ungdomar chansen · Ishockey aik har chansen kvar förlänger med HC Dalen En ek på Huskvarna kyrkogård blir ett naturminne.