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Lagre pris pa bensin


Sweden and 25 other nations are members of the OECD. The information that it produces should be available to the citizens of those nations but that is not the case. It made a hole in my research budget! A first quick read-through shows that the IEA is now counting on biofuels in future production capacity increases:. Biofuels continue to add significant growth to the supply forecast, rising from 1.

Although significant capacity additions have been proposed for the next five years, we maintain the cautious stance on future growth that we have held since Previously we have warned that the planned expansion in biofuel capacity seemed overly aggressive in relation to available feedstock and that more rapid growth could impact food prices.

While it is wrong to attribute all the recent increase in grain prices to rapid biofuel expansions, it has undoubtedly had an impact. Similarly, we remain wary about the ongoing competition for first-generation feedstocks and also the growing political resistance to expansion in some areas. It is clear, however, that biofuels have helped to diversify energy supply.

Given the poor performance of non-OPEC production and relatively low spare capacity, clearly much higher petroleum prices would be in place now if those Lagre pris pa bensin had not been available. It is completely correct that an ethanol production of 1. The majority of "Lagre pris pa bensin" ethanol that is produced today is blended into gasoline.

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That means that ethanol does not replace crude oil but gasoline. That means that 1.

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Since they are now not making these, the consequence is that these fuels are lacking in the market and the shortage drives up the price. Those that bought a diesel-powered car because they believed that diesel would remain cheaper than gasoline can feel cheated. This is a detail that the IEA has completely missed, or does not want to discuss. The fact is that there is a secret that the IEA does not want to tell, but as a professor at a Swedish university I feel free to reveal it.

Today, there is a large excess of gasoline in, primarily, Europe. This reality would cause even greater protests from truck drivers and others that are dependent on cheap diesel for their activity. The reality is that the gasoline users are subsidising the diesel users. Governments around the Lagre pris pa bensin rely on that the IEA speaks the truth. Our Swedish government is no exception. If anyone can shows us that we are wrong we will, of course, change our view.

Idag har jag spenderat 2. Merparten av den etanol som produceras blandas in i bensinen. Det betyder att 1. Jag har en examensarbetare som jobbar med dessa problem och i september kommer arbetet att vara klart. Intressant med din synpunkt om Lagre pris pa bensin Kjell. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You Lagre pris pa bensin commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Global Energy Systems, peak oil, etc Globala energisystem, peak oil, mm. Posted on July 2, 9. A first quick read-through shows that the IEA is now counting on biofuels in future production capacity increases: Holger July 3, Per-Olov July 3, Olle Q July 3, JL July 3, Olle July 4, Kalle July 23, Jan-Gerhard Hemming July 23, Polle April 22, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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ha ett bensinpris som är betydligt lägre än dagens och priset på diesel skulle.

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Vi på SEKAB har länge förordat en ”lastbilspremie” för att sänka tröskeln. med klart lägre pris för E85 än för bensin har fått fart på marknaden.

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