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Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient


This article lists all known including those not officially declared patients of the scandal surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, who received from him a cadaveric or plastic trachea. Not all patients are named in my list, though names of all are available, certainly at the hospitals where they were treated.

This now is a full list, and it will be updated whenever I receive any new "Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient." All Macchiarini trachea transplant patients are listed in the chronological order of their operation. There is a total of 20 patients, only 3 are known to be alive.

Only one of them still has the graft. Claudia Castillo, with Macchiarini.

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She died at the ICU Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient around Christmas or in the first trimester of Hospital Clinic however was unable to find any records of a matchign patient. Diagnosis unknown but likely no cancer. Prior to that, the Hospital Clinic forbade Macchiarini to transplant more patients despite a queueand now denies all knowledge of DD.

Jungebluth was present at that operation, as part of his studies. In an unpublished manuscript however, Macchiarini claimed same bioreactor-assisted method as with Claudia Castillo was used see here. Patient DD, at Dexeus Ciaran Lynchborn without functional trachea, received a homograft from Martin Elliott which functioned for 10 years.

The boy received on It was a cadaveric trachea in full, regenerated by bionic method no bioreactor. Published in as Elliott et al, Lancet, a later follow-up as Hamilton et al See my article for details. Ciaran Lynch, with Birchall. She also received chemotherapy in parallel.

The patient died 1 year after diagnosis which means already in or early Czech newspaper sources here and here. Clinicians directly involved at Careggi: Alessandro Gonfiotti, Massimo Jaus. Keziah Shorten"Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient"from UK. She had adenoid cystic carcinoma and was operated on She also received intraoperative radiation therapy IORT.

The decision to perform the cadaveric trachea transplant in Italy was made at a multidisciplinary team meeting at UCL hospital on June 11th After the transplant failed, Keziah received from Martin Birchall a second transplant on She was operated on Between and she underwent 7 interventions after transplantation see also Corriere article. M, female, bornsuffered from tracheo-oesophageal fistula, which happened postoperatively after larynx cancer treatment.

Zhadyra Iglikovaborn Russian patient who suffered tracheostomy after a car accident.

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She was operated by Macchiarini on She was sent home to Kazakhstan on June 24th and died on 8. Zhadyra Iglikova, with Parshin on her right and Macchiarini on her left. The patient died very soon after, on Andemariam Beyeneborn Diagnosed in Iceland with mucoepidermoid carcinoma, operated on This and other bioreactors came from the company Harvard Apparatus now re-branded as BioStage.

Icelandic surgeon Tomas Gudbjartsson referred Beyene to Macchiarini, and was also participating in the operation. Published as Jungebluth et al, Lancet University of Iceland, made during a show Symposium to celebrate the anniversary of operation. Christopher Lylesborn Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient, US American, diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma. Chris Lyles died on 5. See my reporting here.

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Macchiarini with Chris Lyles. Yulia TuulikbornRussian, suffered from tracheostomy after a after car accident.

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She received a plastic trachea from Nanofiber Solutions bioreactor regeneratedand a second graft on August Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient Yulia Tuulik, with Macchiarini. Alexandr Zozulyabornsuffered from tracheostomy after car accident. This patient was an alcoholic and smoker, nevertheless operated on He received his second graft in November Sasha Zozulya had several operations to improve his state, but died on Present clinicians on Karolinska side, as seen on the screenshot: Another key participant never admitted by KI was Vladimir Parshin right corner, with moustachewho performed both trachea transplant operations on Zhadyra Iglikova in and Yesim Cetir, bornTurkish, suffered from a damage to her trachea and "Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient" drainage, after botched operation to fix hand sweating, but her quality of life was restricted.

Yesim received a second plastic trachea graft on 9. Yesim died on See also my reporting here and here. Yesim Cetir, with her father. Hannah Warrenborn born without functional trachea. Little Hannah died on 6. She was supposed to be the very first plastic trachea recipient, but FDA repeatedly refused approval. Sadiq KanaanJordanian. Borndoctor by profession. Suffered from trachea stenosis due to complications from a 20 year-old trauma from car accident. Died inaccording to Macchiarini on alcoholism book Megagrantexact date unknown.

Dmitri OnogdabornUkrainian citizen of annexed Crimea. Suffered from tracheostomy after a car accident. Apparently, two more adult patients were operated in Krasnodar, male and female, both Russian citizens. Their names are currently unknown, as is their fate.

Here is the evidence:. All are declared as disease-free survivors. Patient Onogda Nr 18 above Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient not yet operated when that Paris conference took place. Thus, he was apparently actually the last, 19th patient to receive a trachea transplant from Macchiarini and 11th get a plastic one.

Was Onogda definitely the last? Nothing else is known about that child. Another Macchiarini patient had a close escape in early July A year old Italian named Luigi, sufferer of trachea stenosis, was also supposed to receive a plastic trachea transplant in Krasnodar. An operation by Macchiarini and Porkhanov was reported to have left out the transplant, only a tracheoplasty was performed. Shauna Davison see here and here. Shauna died on March 6thaccording to her obituary she suffocated when her new trachea collapsed.

Birchall and Elliott however deny in their publications that her cause of death is known patient 3 in Culme-Seymour et al A UCL investigation into trachea transplants revealed on September 30th that there was an 11th cadaveric trachea recipient: Her current status was presented in the report as unknown details here.

The elderly patient, whose diagnosis was tracheal stenosis, died 23 days later, the case is described "Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient." The Gothenburg group also produced another decellurised trachea, which Jungebluth personally delivered to Karolinska for implantation in Yesim Cetir after her plastic graft failed.

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It was not used though. This experience qualified Olausson and Ejnell as experts advising the Swedish state prosecutor in Macchiarini case, with the result that all criminal charges against the former KI professor were dropped in October Or several of small tips, just increase the amount as you like.

Your generous patronage of my journalism, Paolo macchiarini sorjer dod patient small it appears to you, will greatly help me with my legal costs. Macchiarini papers on plastic trachea transplants are misconduct — For Better Science. Completely unethical to publish images of patients with full names and presumed history without any consent.

These patients were urged to go on camera, to promote their miracle doctors. This was of course perfectly ethical, I presume. But I do agree, it is probably unethical to mention real human beings in a context which is disadvantageous to the treating clinician.

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Paolo Macchiarini, then a professor of Regenerative Medicine at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden), looks on during a plenary.

Paolo Macchiarini, former star surgeon at Swedish Karolinska Insitutet (KI), came back to Sweden to give his version of the events, about the.

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